THE WEDNESDAY WORD… for December 2, 2020         
Because waiting ‘til Sunday is too long

“May your mercy come quickly to meet us,
    for we are in desperate need.” Psalm 79:8b

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While we still have other needs for leaders, the most critical need is for Financial Secretary. This volunteer role is currently filled by Barb Sigler, who is stepping down after several years of faithful service. Perhaps you or you and a friend might be the one(s) to fill this role. The responsibilities include:

1) Coordinate the schedule for the counters who count the offering, prepare the deposit and take it to the bank. The Financial Secretary is present but is not involved in the counting.

2) After the deposit is made, the Financial Secretary enters the giving information for each identified offering into our system and then balances what is entered to what was received to ensure all the offerings that can be entered have been completed.

3) On a quarterly basis, including at the end of the year, the Financial Secretary prints and mails the giving statements to anyone who made a donation to the church that we were able to identify and for whom we have a mailing address.

4) As part of our annual Stewardship process, the Financial Secretary adds the pledges to our system and orders/distributes the offering envelopes for those who request them.


The Financial Secretary is with the counters each Monday starting at 9 a.m. and finishes by Noon. While some prior computer experience is needed, our current Financial Secretary will train the individual or individuals who take on this role for the specific skills needed for our system. In addition, there are others who are trained to fill in for the dates the Financial Secretary cannot be there, such as vacation or illness.


If you are interested in serving in this role or would like more information, please contact Pastor Kim at PastorKimUch@gmail.com. Please note: If we are unable to find a volunteer(s), the church will have no choice but to look outside the church to hire a part-time person as this is an essential process of the church.



We also need a person to run the slides for worship every other Sunday. Terrie Zieber, who prepares the slide presentation, has also been running them most Sundays but she is now only available every other Sunday. We will train you though some experience with a computer is needed. Although you would sit inside the Tech Booth at the back, you are still a part of the worship service, just in a bit different way. Contact me at PastorKimUch@gmail.com if you want to learn more.

Questions? Call the church office: 941-792-3497 or email at secretary.eumc@gmail.com.


With Love in Christ,

Pastor Kim

Emmanuel United Methodist

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