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Sunday, April 4, 2021 at 7:00 a.m. - SEE MAP BELOW


  • We will meet Outside, North of McCay Hall 

  • Bring your own chair suitable for sitting on the lawn. 

  • Bring a mask for when you cannot remain socially distanced. 

  • Come as you are, no need to dress up unless you prefer to as we will be outside. 

  • Parking spaces indicated on the map are for those who need assistance walking or may be a passenger who has significant trouble getting in and out of the care. Those parking closest to the end of McCay Hall may want to back into the parking space so you can see. For the safety of everyone, please turn off your car once you have parked. 

  • A few of the parking spots are marked No Parking to allow for those who need to put their chairs on a hard surface. 

  • Otherwise, please park in the back parking lot. 

  • As you and your family pick a spot to put your chairs, please stay a Social Distance of 6 feet from others. If you cannot do so, please wear your mask.  

  • Congregational singing during this service only. Words will be provided. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: Once the service begins, we will block off the entrance from 51st Street so no one can drive through during the service while it’s in progress. Therefore, please arrive early. If you arrive late, park in the parking along 51st Street or pull through the overhang by the Church Office to get to the parking spaces just beyond. Please do not enter the back parking lot by way of the exit. 

  • RAIN PLAN: We will move inside to the Sanctuary.

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