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Hi all,

As promised in the May 10th sermon, here are the readings through the end of May in my Through the Bible in a Year trek. I thought you could just start here in the middle where I am and we’ll then pick up the beginning of the Old Testament after we complete the New Testament. Isaiah is the beginning of the Prophets, though the book of Lamentations, a wisdom book, is there as well. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel are the major prophets and then the twelve minor prophets follow Daniel. You can post questions on the website at the bottom right by pressing Chat. If I’m not online at the time, I will still send you an answer by email, usually on the next business day. Didn’t see this until later than the beginning of Isaiah? You can either read the earlier parts all together or just jump in on the date you start. This is more about being in the Word daily than it is about reading passages on a special day. Here’s the schedule for the first month. Do your best to read every day and don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day. Just get back on track and continue. I pray that God creates a desire to read the Word daily and that you find your curiosity about what happens next will keep you reading. God bless you, Pastor Kim

5-11-20                 Isaiah 1:1-4:6

5-12-20                 Isaiah 5:1-7:25

5-13-20                 Isaiah 8:1-11:16

5-14-20                 Isaiah 12:1-16:14

5-15-20                 Isaiah 17:1-23:18

5-16-20                 Isaiah 24:1-27:13

5-17-20                 Isaiah 28:1-31:9

5-18-20                 Isaiah 32:1-35:10

5-19-20                 Isaiah 36:1-39:8

5-20-20                 Isaiah 40:1-44:28

5-21-20                 Isaiah 45:1-48:22

5-22-20                 Isaiah 49:1-52:12

5-23-20                 Isaiah 52:13-55:13

5-24-20                 Isaiah 56:1-59:21

5-25-20                 Isaiah 60:1-66:24

5-26-20                 Jeremiah 1:1-4:31

5-27-20                 Jeremiah 5:1-8:17

5-28-20                 Jeremiah 8:18-12:17

5-29-20                 Jeremiah 13:1-16:21

5-30-20                 Jeremiah 17:1-20:18

5-31-20                 Jeremiah 21:1-24:10

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